P90X Day 21: Rest or X Stretch

Sadly, I did not get to do the Xstretch because I was up some of the night sick with a really bad headache. I had a hard time sleeping all night and when I woke up I still felt so sick. Not only did this stop me, but I had to go into work from 2-11 so I was so tired from work I just came home and went to bed.

When I did wake up I made my cheese scramble and I did have my protein bar and my chicken salad for lunch. I eventually starting feeling better throughout the day. I had my dinner at work, which was lemon garlic chicken my absolute favorite.

It felt weird not doing the stretch because I am so used to doing something everyday with P90X. This week is our recovery week, which means Saturday is our 30 day pictures. I am pretty excited about that because I want to see how much of a difference there is in my body. I could see some like more muscles in my arms and in my stomach. I am ready to see the change 🙂


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