P90X Day 20: Kenpo X + Shakeology will be here today!

Today was I think one of my lease favorite workouts, Kenpo X.  Ironically enough, It is one of my girlfriends favorite work outs. It’s my least favorite not because of its difficulty level, but just because I have bad memory and keep messing up the kicks and punches. I always get them out of order when its a combo of like four. I also do not feel like my heart is beating fast enough that I’m getting the cardio level that I need for it.  I sweat the least after this workout!  Not to talk all bad about it though, It does go by really fast and you are moving the whole time, so that’s good. As I mentioned before, I really need to buy a heart rate monitor, possibly one this weekend, so I can at least make sure when I”m doing these workouts that I’m in the fat burning zone.  Soreness wise today I am OK, only my gluteus maximums (haha that’s an anatomy and physiology class term for you) hurts!

Well gotta run, waiting for the mail lady to get here with my Shakeology, because last time I checked the tracking number it said,

Date/Time                         Activity                      Location Details
Jun 3, 2011 9:36 AM         Out for delivery              LANCASTER, PA

She better hurry up, I’m hungry!

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