P90X Day 18: Yoga X

Every artist was first an amateur.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


This morning I did not feel like waking up at all! I woke up at around 7 so I could make Chris and me breakfast, which was soy sausage patties and a whole wheat english muffin with milk. It was really good. I actually went back to bed. Between last night and this morning I have been so tired and sore. The soreness sort of came out of no where for some reason. I woke back up around 10:30ish and went and did some errands. I eventually did the Yoga X workout!


In my mind I feel like Yoga should not be hard, but extremely relaxing. This is not the case with Yoga X. he first basically hour of it is really hard. There is a lot of downward dog moves and the only reason I don’t like that is all the blood rushes to my head and makes me really light headed. That and we do it so much in the beginning basically after every pose. Near the end it gets a lot better though. It is more balance and stretching type things.


After doing Yoga I don’t feel as sore now, which is nice. Right now I have the top sirloin in the oven for our Steak and Arugula salad for lunch. YUMMY! The arugula takes some getting used to, but it is actually pretty good. Tonight we get chicken breast, which I am pretty excited about because I love chicken. You definitely find out your favorites with the foods for the nutrition plan.

Well, time to go check on the sirloin and do some school work. Talk to everyone tomorrow!

Remember to BRING IT!

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