P90X Day 17: Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper

And all may do what has by man been done.
-Edward Young


So, today is day 17 already! Crazzzziness! Well, today is my favorite workout. I love using the weights and bands for the whole session! I am not a big fan of push ups so working my arms with the weights I truly enjoy. I also like the workout in general just the things that we do in the workout.

This morning Chris and I had chicken scramble, turkey bacon, and juice for breakfast. I decided to eat before I worked out because this morning I was so tired from going to bed later last night. We just ate our lunch. Today I have two summer classes that are both 3 and a half hours long so I have to make lunch the day before so it is ready when I come home. I also had my protein bar, which was honey almond AMAZING! They are sooo good!

I won’t get to eat dinner until have class tonight, which doesn’t end until 8:30, but sometimes we are let out early. Today, my back is pretty sore. Before I ever worked out I always had a painful back. I am thinking because of cheerleading, but today it hurts pretty bad. My upper arms and under neath my armpits hurt too. But today has been a pretty good day.

Time to go spend some time with Chris before I got to go back to class tonight! See ya all tomorrow and remember KEEP PRESSIN PLAY!!!

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