P90X Day 17: Shoulders & Arms / Ab Ripper X Seeing Progress

I really do not have too much to post today. The workout went well and I can see myself improving with every workout. For instance today I upgraded on a couple of the exercises and switched to the green resistance bands instead of the red ones. I also think its about time I buy some heavier weights. I have been using Tine’s 5 pound weights for some of the exercises because the bands hurt my tennis elbow, but 5 pounds is just too light. I’m proud of myself today for how I handled ab ribber. I usually struggle through it, which i did today too, but I did a lot better and was able to perform more of the fifer scissors.

On another note, my Shakeology still did not come, with it being memorial day weekend that just passed, it slowed down the mail a little bit. I’m now scheduled to get it this Friday, June 3rd.

It needs to get here already so I can start experiencing its awesomeness!

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