P90X Day 16 Plyometrics

Today is P90X Day 16 Plyometrics

P90X Day 16 Plyometrics

Today is P90X Day 16 Plyometrics

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.

– Les Brown

Today was crazy plyometrics and let me tell you it was NOT easy. I don’t think plyometrics is EVER easy. Never since the first time I started has it been and I don’t think it is going to get any easier as the 90 days get closer. There are some things I really enjoy about it and some not so much. I like doing the tires, leaps, and the baseball and football type exercises, but I do not like the jumping and spinning. The spinning makes me pretty much sick to my stomach and really dizzy. I do sweat like crazy though. Just like Tony Horton says, ” This is the mother!” He ain’t lying at ALL!! It definitely is “the mother.”

After working out I made Chris and me breakfast. Today was just a protein shake, which seems to be my favorite. It is the easiest thing to make and it is sooo yummy. I made Chris a black berry and banana shake and I had a strawberry and banana shake. One thing I enjoy about the protein shakes is it does not have to be a particular fruit. It could be basically any type of fruit that would work in a smoothie type drink. We also ate our protein bars with the shake because I woke up later today so it made sense since we needed to eat lunch a little later. For lunch we had shrimp stir fry. I don’t think this is one of my favorites. I rather have the broccoli and beef stir fry. I enjoy that more. We did not eat dinner yet, but I did have my almonds and dinner is turkey and gravy tonight! I am pretty excited that meal is one of my favorites.

I am not feeling too sore today! My shoulders hurt a little, but it is not too bad. There was no ab ripper today, but there is tomorrow 🙂 I pretty much enjoy the ab ripper.


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