P90X Day 16: Plyometrics X, The mother of all workouts

A little sore in the upper chest/armpit area from all the pushups yesterday, but will make it through. Well today was Plyometrics X “The mother of all P90X workouts. I usually dread this workout because it is one of the hardest, and today was no different. I changed things up a bit today and did my work out at night, after I already have ate my breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner. I waited about two hours after dinner, then had a protein shake then went and did the workout. This was the first time I had a protein shake before my workout, and boy let me say I feel like it helped. I was able to last longer in the workout and perform a lot better then I could then the last time I had to do it. I don’t know if it was a boost from the protein shake or just because I am getting in better shape, but I liked it. It feels so good being able to do things and push myself further then I could before.  It gives me this sense of accomplishment, that is awesome.

I can not wait until the Shakeology arrives! Fedex tracking says it should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. It’s gonna be so good.

Well time to go study for my Anatomy and Physiology test, see ya tomorrow.

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