P90X Day 15 Chest, back, and Ab Ripper

Cher working out - P90X Day 15 Chest, back, and Ab Ripper

P90X Day 15 Chest, back, and Ab Ripper

Cher working out - P90X Day 15 Chest, back, and Ab Ripper

Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.

– Cher

On to day 15 already. I can’t believe this is the last week of crazy exercise until I get to take my day 30 pictures. Today, so far I woke up and had my breakfast. Today, Chris and I had mushroom omelet, strawberries, and milk. We were supposed to have cottage cheese with this breakfast, but Chris and I do no like that so we switched it to milk. A little after breakfast I did the exercise. Today was chest, back, and ab ripper. I really pushed myself today because of it being the last hard week of exercises before my 30 day pictures. I thought the pullups (which I use the bands for) were really hard today! I really enjoy the ab ripper. One of the main reasons I really wanted to do P90X was so I could get some abs. It hurts so bad, but feels so good.

I went tanning and also ate my protein bar (boy do I love them). I had a chocolate chip one today :-) When I got home I ate my lunch, which was chef salad. And I recently just ate my snack, which was almonds. I am waiting for Chris to come home so we can have our dinner, which is salmon or maybe tilpia, wild rice, and veggie soup. Chris and I decided it would be easier to just make one soup while we do this 90 days. Everyday almost calls for a different soup, but we eat the veggie soup every time. It is easier on the money situation.

I am a little sore today and I was sweating like crazy this morning. One thing I took notice to was when I was brushing my hair after I took my shower this morning how much more muscles I have in my arms than I did before. I know you must be thinking you’re only on your week 3, but I can really see it. I also feel a lot lighter after I eat. Before starting p90x I really just ate what I wanted and ate a lot! I never portioned myself. So after eating I used to feel extremely bloated , but now I feel light! I haven’t weighted myself since I have started, but I am excited to see if I lost anything!


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