P90X Day 14 Rest or X Stretch

P90X Day 14 Rest or X Stretch review

P90X Day 14 Rest or X Stretch Review

P90X Day 14 Rest or X Stretch

Just finished X Stretch this morning. Nice workout, it really feels good to stretch all them muscles out. I highly recommend skipping taking the rest option on this day and doing X Stretch instead. Todays X Stretch was a bit different because I did it along side Tine. Usually we do not do the exercises together due to conflicting schedules and sharing equipment/gear.

Luckily we both did not have to work this morning and X Stretch required no equipment or gear. I liked doing it with her because I felt like it made me push myself further and at the same time made the exercise go by quick.

Ok, well I’m going to go eat my breakfast now, Cheese Scramble Omelet with Turkey Bacon, Canteloupe and Milk, made by my lovely girlfriend Tine.  Then prepare for my phone meeting with my coach Chris.

Remember, Keep pressing play!

edit: I just ordered Shakeology, I’ve heard so many great things about it and have seen some amazing transformations of people who take it. I did a lot of research into it and it seems like a great product. I chose the chocolate flavor since I love chocolate!  I can not wait for it to come so I can see what it will do to me! EXCITED!!!

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