Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home

I’m very excited today to share another Team Limitless fitness family health transformation. Meet Courtney, a 22 year old mother and Military wife who changed her life after having her son. Read her story below on how this Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home!

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home

Name: Courtney C.
Age: 22
Profession: Stay-at-home mom
Start Date: 7/27/2013
End Date: 8/15/2014
Height: 5″
Before Weight: 180 Pounds
After Weight: 120 Pounds
Programs used: Insanity and clean eating by following a paleo diet
Supplements used: BCAA

Tell us about your life before you started Insanity. How did you feel about yourself and your body?

“In middle school and highschool I played sports year-round. I was in track and played volleyball and was a very active teenager who happened to be in great shape because of it. When I turned 17 I started drinking and partying and stopped playing sports and that is when my weight gain started and I put on about 60 pounds.   A few years went by and at the age of 21 I  weighed 180 pounds and it was the heaviest that I’ve ever been and I felt embarrassed about the way I looked. I was only 21 years old and when all my friends were out having fun at the lake or going out I was at home feeling bad about myself. I would eat junk food, fast food, and anything bad. I was always tired and my body just felt achy all the time.”

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?

“The day my son was born my whole perspective on life in general had changed.  Before him I never really exercised or cared about my health. I use to go out all the time and drink alcohol and eat any and all bad foods I could get my hands on!  I also have history of diabetes and heart disease in my family but that didn’t stop me from living an unhealthy life. After having my son I felt like a light switch turned on and all I knew was that I wanted to be around for my son as long as possible so I knew I had to do something. I was not going to achieve that with the way I was living before he was born. My hubby is in the Army and was also deployed to Afghanistan at the time so I wanted to surprise him and be in really good shape when he came back.”

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home
Courtney and her family saying goodbye before her husband went to Afghanistan.


What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program help you overcome that challenge?

“The greatest challenge I faced before I began my workout journey was self-confidence. I was feeling so bad about myself I didn’t even want to leave the house. I was also struggling with extremely high anxiety. I was always anxious. When I started working out these things just started to fade away. I became more confident. My anxiety subsided greatly. Thanks to Insanity I was really starting to get my life back.”

Why did you choose this particular program?

“The reason I chose Insanity is because I really like a workout that is intense and serious. I don’t really like dancing when I am working out. I like an intense hard-core down to the point, nitty-gritty work out. I absolutely fell in love with Insanity.”

What in particular did you like about Insanity?

“What I loved about Insanity was how Shaun T would push you and motivate you through even when you felt like you couldn’t do anymore.”

Being a parent, how have you managed to balance everything?

“I am a parent of a one and a half-year-old little boy and I am a stay-at-home mom. The way I was able to juggle everything was quite simple I found. It was simply an hour out of my day that I took the time out for myself to work out.  I personally don’t like taking my son to the gym because he doesn’t like being in the daycare. Every time I would take him to the gym he would scream his head off and it would make me feel terrible about leaving him in there. He would scream so much that then they would end up come getting me because he wouldn’t stop crying and we would have to leave. So my other option with the gym was to find a babysitter which I would then have to pay the babysitter and on top of that pay for a gym membership. It just didn’t work for me.  With Insanity I was able to stay home and get a better workout and then I would’ve at the gym because somebody like Shaun T was there to push me. The best part about doing at home workouts like Insanity is that you don’t have to leave the house and I could do it while my son napped or was in the room with me! I do the workouts in my living room while he watches so that I can set an example. I want him to grow up watching his mommy and daddy work out so he grows up wanting to be fit.”

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home
Courtney pregnant with her son.

Describe the results you achieved with Insanity. Which achievements are you proud of?

“In all I lost 60 pounds!  I went from a size 11 to a size 3. I feel amazing I have the same body I did in high school when I was playing sports full-time. One of the most rewarding times in my weight-loss journey is when my husband who had never seen me this small came home from a 11 month tour in Afghanistan. He stepped off the plane and he told me he didn’t even recognize me! He saw our son first and then his mom and then he said “well that must be my wife.” It felt great to see his reaction. It was worth all the hard work I had put in.”

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home
Courtney greeting her husband upon him coming back from deployment in Afghanistan.


How has your life changed since completing Insanity?

“My life is changed tremendously. It has changed in ways I couldn’t even imagine before. I used to have migraine headaches almost daily and now I only get them maybe once a month. Before I always felt tired and sluggish now I have more energy than I’ve ever had and I am able to get so much more done than I ever could before. I feel great and confident in my clothing and I like to go shopping now.  I can now hang out at the lake with my friends and enjoy my life. I can run around and play with my son or go hiking and not be out of breath. I just feel confident and great all-around. I put in hard work but it was all worth it.”

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home
Courtney pictured above in the black bikini.

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home

What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the sidelines wanting to start working out but is nervous or lacks the motivation?

“Some advice I would have for somebody on the fence about starting a workout program is two or three months from now you will be a completely different person. Why wait? You have nothing to lose. In fact, start now because you never know the lives you will influence along the way.”


What is one piece of advice would you give to someone who is in the process but is feeling discouraged?

“It’s okay to feel discouraged. Sometimes it can really be discouraging if you’re at a plateau or you just not seeing results but if you are following the program and eating healthy I promise you that results will come. Just hang in there, two or three months out of your life is nothing compared to the big picture.” 

Military Wife lost 60 pounds at home




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