Live Chat with Shakeology Creators Darin Olien and Isabella Daikeler

In the video chat below, the Co-Creators of Shakeology answer all questions related to Shakeology. This is a great video to watch to find out the idea behind Shakeology, why it is such a great product, and much much more.

In this video such questions and topics covered include the following:

  • How the Shakeology concept came to be.
  • How Tropical Strawberry Shakeology came to be and why they added what they did.
  • How did Vegan Shakeology come about?
  • On the back of the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology why aren’t the vitamins and minerals listed on the back of the bag?
  • Talk on the Beachbody Ultimate product line.
  • Does  Tropical Strawberry have the same amounts of vitamins and minerals as chocolate and greenberry Shakeology?
  • Why are the probiotics different in Tropical Strawberry than they are in chocolate and greenberry?
  • What does vegan mean and why is Tropical Shakeology vegan and the other two flavors are not?
  • How should I incorporate Shakeology into my daily meal plan?
  • Would you advice people not interested in being vegan to try Tropical Strawberry Shakeology?
  • What Isabella puts into her Shakeology.
  • What Darin puts into his Shakeology.
  • Where and why are new superfoods added, such as coconut flower nectar, into Tropical Shakeology?
  • If I’m pregnant or breastfeeding can I drink Tropical Strawberry Shakeology?
  • With the addition of rice protein, is Shakeology tested for high levels of arsonic, led, cadium?
  • On the back of the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology there is a label that says it is manufactured in place that also processes fish, shellfish, glutan etc, Does that mean that it’s not 100% vegan?
  • Information about Himalayan Salt, which is used in Tropical Strawberry Shakeology.
  • Why isn’t soy protein used and why is it bad?
  • The huge dangers of GMO products.
  • A sneak peak of what superfoods will be in the next flavor of Shakeology.

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