Live Chat with P90X and P90X2 Creator Tony Horton

The chat is now over! If you missed it you can watch the recorded version below!

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Topics talked about include the following:


  • Question: To define chest and stomach should I cut out wheat, bread and pasta?
  • Question: How much of Tony’s protein intake comes from Tofu and Soy?
  • Question: Injured shoulder, cant do weights, suggestions?
  • Question: When it comes to food, what is Tony Horton’s guilty pleasure?
  • Question: I’m 15 and lost 12 pounds in 2 months, how important is it to follow the diet plan?
  • Question: Has Tony considered different types of yoga over his usual?
  • Question: I’m 14 years old and trying to gain muscle mass, what should I do?
  • Question: Is there any healthy food that Tony Horton despises?
  • Question: Just finished P90X2, now what?
  • Question: Is there such a thing as drinking too much water?
  • Question: Can’t jump during my workouts because of downstairs neighbors, what should I do?
  • Question: Can you get fat eating too much fruit?
  • Question: Is it OK to do another activity in place of a day of P90X (i.e. snowboarding).
  • Question: Pull-up bar hurts my hands, any suggestions?
  • Question: How do you balance cardio with body building?
  • Question: Pausing during a workout, should I?
  • Question: What should I charge if I’m P90X certified?
  • Question: I’m losing weight but not shredding like I’d like, what should I do?
  • Question: On day 42 of P90X2, not seeing results, whats wrong?
  • Question: Considering Veganism, what are your thoughts?
  • Question: Is there going to be a 1on1 volume 4?
  • Information on additional P90X2 workouts.
  • Question: Any help for tendinitis?
  • Question: Can you do the same workouts day after day?
  • Question: I”m 16, lost 60 pounds with P90X and now have loose skin, what should I do?
  • Question: Which protein powder is better, soy or whey?
  • Question: What do you think about pre-workout meals?
  • Question: What are your thoughts about doing a cleanse or detox during P90X/P90X2?
  • Question: Can I replace a warmup with stretching?
  • Question: Is it OK to eat beans from a can that says “organic”?
  • Question: After P90X, I run 3-4 miles 5 days per week, will this prevent me from building muscle?
  • Question: I’ve been drinking water, is it OK for me to use Mio, pre-workout drinks, alcohol?
  • Question: How do you gain muscle without gaining fat?
  • Question: What are some decent fast food chains to eat at that are better than eating McDonalds?


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