Live Chat with Brazil Butt Lift Trainer Leandro Carvalho

Today we are very excited to bring to you a live chat with the trainer from Brazil Butt Lift, Leandro Carvalho!  Click play below to watch the recorded version of the live chat that took place earlier today.

Things talked about in the above video include:

  • Question: Leandro, I really love your videos but I’m having pain in my knees, how can I fix that?
  • Question: I like my butt big, I don’t want to lose my butt I just want it more rounded and higher, any suggestions?
  • Question: What are the best Brazil Butt Lift videos for total body conditioning?
  • Question: Will I still get results if I don’t use ankle weights with Brazil Butt Lift?
  • Question: I want my butt to be smaller and tighter but I am pear shaped, what should I do?
  • Question: I just had a baby 6 months ago and want to lose a lot of baby weight and love handles, can Brazil Butt Lift help me?
  • Question: Had to quit Brazil But Lift because of pinched disk and tendinitis, what should I do?
  • Question: I don’t always have time for doing an hour worth of workouts, what should I do?
  • Question: I struggle with the dance routines, do you have any tips to keep up?
  • Question: I skipped a workout day, should I do two workouts in one day? Whats your opinion?
  • Advice for those rhythmically challenged during Brazil Butt Lift.
  • Question: I get back spasms during High and Tight, any advise on what I should do?
  • Question: What kind of results will someone using 5 lb ankle weight over the 1 lb weight during Brazil Butt Lift?
  • Question: I passed the Pencil test but still have a tiny fat pocket under my butt cheek, what move would work best for that?
  • Question: What do you suggest for thin women who lost their butt using Brazil Butt Lift and want to get their booty back?
  • Information about Rio Extreme Workout and the Secret Weapon workout
  • More about ankle weights

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