Leandro Carvalho from Brazil Butt Lift Live Chat Today!

Click play below to join the live chat with Brazil Butt lift trainer Leandro Carvalho. He is here to answer any questions you may have so feel free to join in on the chat!

The video chat included topics and questions such as:

  • Tips if one leg bigger than the other
  • Working out barefoot OK if no yoga mat?
  • What are the best exercises to get your stomach and the pouch underneath into shape?
  • Is there any plans to make Brazil Butt Lift in Portuguese?
  • What is the best exercise for love handles?
  • When should I add in the max results dvd in Brazil Butt Lift to get max results?
  • When does the next Brazil Butt Lift workouts coming out?
  • Just starting Brazil Butt Lift, what are some good starter tips before I start?
  • Can you use the maximum results dvd in conjunction with the regular Brazil Butt Lift workouts?
  • Is it ok to take a couple days off and then resume where we left off or what should we do?
  • Explanation of Leandro’s lemon cleanse.
  • Does too much vitamin E put you at risk for a heart attack?
  • Different ethnic backgrounds going to effect my Brazil Butt Lift results?
  • Can I do Brazil Butt Lift and still lose weight even though I’m breastfeeding?
  • What should my caloric intake be if I’m breastfeeding?
  • Are there any secret cellulite killing foods?
  • Jean Queen Winner announced and new contest announced starting June 1st.

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