Jamey Lost 49 Pounds with P90X and Insanity!

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Name: Jamey Rimmey
Age: 22
Height: 5’10″
Before Weight: 203 pounds

Jamey’s transformation story:

Growing up I had always been an athlete. I was involved in my schools Cross Country and Track programs as a distance runner and also played in a local Church basketball league. It seemed like all I ever did was play sports, which in turn kept me in great shape. After I graduated high school I began attending Penn State Altoona (a branch campus of PSU), while here I was able to help coach my high schools distance team, and often performed workouts with them.

The next year I decided I was going to transfer schools and move away from home. This is where the downfall occurred. After moving away I completely stopped working out and began participating in college “events” that ended up making me go from in shape to overweight. When I arrived at college I weighed 155 lbs with little muscle, but after 9 months I put on 48 lbs and weighed 203 lbs. I hadn’t really noticed how much weight I had put on until I was on spring break in Las Vegas. We were out climbing and I was unable to keep up with my friend. Once we got back to the hotel I took a look at myself in the mirror and knew it was time for a change. My one roommate had told me about p90x the semester before and asked if I wanted to try it. I had said sure at the time and tried a workout or two, but I talked myself out of sticking to it. This time though, I was committed.

Upon completing my first round of p90x I went from 203 lbs to 170 lbs! A total weight loss of 33 lbs! I could not believe it and had to keep working out. My friend also had the Insanity workouts and let me try those too, and I lost another 5 lbs! I was now 10 lbs heavier than I was in high school, and most of it was muscle! I began doing other exercises and supplemented my workouts with both p90x and Insanity workouts every now and then. I got back into running and started to train to get back into racing 5k’s. I recently completed this training while doing the first 2 phases of p90x with one of my friends. I am currently finishing up Insanity: The Asylum and now weigh 154 lbs! That is one pound lighter than I was in high school!  My transformation has taken some time, but with hard work and dedication I am now in the best shape of my life!

You can visit Jamey’s website by going to http://transformation-body.com

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