How to Photograph Your Transformation

When you go through fitness transformation, whether its 90 days of P90X, 60 days of Insanity, crossfit, a year at the or a year at the gym,  your going to undergo a body transformation. But you wont see the whole picture and reap the benefits of your transformation if your only peaking at the numbers on the scale. You need before and after pictures to really see your transformation results. So were going to show you how to show off your results by taking the best possible before and after pictures.

First: Choose the right location.
You want your body to be the center of attention so keep the area behind you simple, by standing in front of a blank wall, or a door.

Second: You’ve got to pick your poses
Each pose highlights different parts of your body. Some people only take 1 or 2 but its really important to take multiple photos. This way you can see your results from many different angles. You never know where your results are going to come from. Cover all your bases by snapping 12 poses every 30 days, yes every 30 days. Start with your hands down in a relaxed position. Then put your hands on your hips to show off your waist. Next show off your guns in the bicep position. Then turn around and do the same 3 poses with your back to the camera. Then to each side take another photo with your hands down, another with your hands on your hips, then finally swivel your feet 45 degrees and twist your shoulders toward the camera. That will showcase your abdominal definition.

So that’s what to take photos of, now here’s what to take photos with.

Quality counts so avoid cellphone photography. When it comes to capturing every sweet pixel of success, real cameras work best.

And finally, whatever you do, consistency is key. do the same poses in the same place, every 30 days starting on day 1 of your fitness journey. That way your body will be the the only thing changing overtime and your transformation will be obvious. Your results are going to be so great that your going to be so excited that your going to want to know where you came from in the beginning, and so will everyone else. Your results can inspire countless others to change their bodies, and their lives. The success stories team would love to see your results too, so submit your before and after photos to us at

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