How to Measure your Transformation

When you go through a fitness program, your whole body is going to transform way beyond just the number on the scale. Today were going to show you how to measure it by explaining how to take a thorough and accurate set of body measurements. Its so important for people to take measurements so it keeps encouraging them to keep going with the workout. As they see better and better results they keep doing the program, and most of the time at an increased level.

To get started all you need is:

Measuring tape:

Body Fat Caliper: Which you can find by clicking  here.

Friend: Your friend should watch this video so they know how and what to measure

It’s extremely important to be consistent in your measurement. This way you know that your measurement is accurate. We created this process so its standard.

Be consistent, measure your body in exactly the same places every 30 days, starting on day 1. Begin with your arms and work your way down.

When measuring your bicep make sure your measure right at its peak. If you don’t have a defined peak on your bicep make sure that you measure the distance between your should and your elbow and take the center point right in between. Now remember your going to want to make sure that you do both arms.

Next measure your chest. The proper chest measurement is taken right across the nipples. Your arms are down so that you can get the lats in the measurement.

Then your waist. You want to make sure your going directly across the belly button, this also includes the love handles which we want to include because we will be eliminating them after the workout.

Now your hips. When taking your hip measurements its important to make sure your including the widest part of your butt. You want to make sure that your legs are completely together and your feet are touching.

And your thighs, your thigh measurements should be taking halfway between your inseam and your knee. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed and that your feet are shoulder width apart. Make sure that you do your left and your right leg.

Don’t forget the calves. For the calves you want to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed and that you measure at the peak of your calf.

Last but not least you’ll want to measure your body fat percentage. The easiest way to get that number is by using body fat calipers. To the side of your belly button and about an inch down, pinch as much fat as you can with your fingers and squeeze it with your calipers until the arrows align. Read the number of millimeters and use the chart that comes with the calipers to estimate your body fat percentage.

That’s it! Take these measurements every 30 days and keep track of your progress.

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