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Tony Hortons PowerStands for PushupsDesigned and used by celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton, these premium heavy-duty stands strengthen and sculpt without straining wrists and forearms. (Used with P90X®, P90X2®, and Power 90® Master Series.)


  • Nonskid circular base is ultra-stable
  • Angled to help minimize wrist strain
  • Foam grips help minimize hand strain

My Tony Hortons PowerStands Review:

The Tony Hortons PowerStands can be assembled in less than 2 minutes and are the best stands I’ve ever used.  They are comfortable, slip resistant and very sturdy so you wont tip over! What I like about these is it gives a great range of motion so you can go really deep in your push-up! The benefits of these stands make this product very inexpensive. If you have wrist issues these stands will help you by reducing a lot of the pressure and tension in those areas  If your looking to get the best workout possible then I highly recommend buying the Tony Hortons Powerstands.

Our Price: $39.90

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    • Thank you for your question Kim! In the past these stands were made out of metal but they have been updated since 2011 and are now plastic. The ones I reviewed here are the newer plastic versions of The Tony Hortons PowerStands. It is a thick type of plastic and is very sturdy, according to the product guide it can hold up to 300 pounds. I have owned these powerstands since December 2011 and they are still just as good as new!

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