Brett Hoebel Video Chat 7-09-2012

Join one of our favorite flat abs experts and RevAbs™ creator Brett Hoebel a for a VIDEO demo of ab moves. Plus, he’ll personally answer your specific ab questions. Leave your question by sending a tweet to #AskBrett.

Click on play below to join the video chat!

Some of the topics included in the video chat include:

  • How do you burn fat off the entire body?
  • Top allergenic foods and their replacements.
  • What is the number one food to get a flat stomach?
  • How do I get a small layer of fat off my belly?
  • I lost all this weight but still have a layer of fat, what should I do?
  • Tips for new moms to get rid of the belly fat.
  • I’m 27 and have never had great abs, is that genetics or can anybody get great abs?
  • Is it good to do plank for 5 minutes at a time to get great abs?
  • Plank tips for your abs.
  • What are some training techniques to get in shape for the summer and for a tough mudder, is Rev-Abs a great program to use?
  • I just had a hip replacement, what are some ab training exercises I can do because exercises on the floor hurt?
  • If Brett Hoebel could have a cheat sheet for eating what would be on it?
  • I heard bananas cause bloating, I eat them every morning for breakfast, what should I do to substitute?
  • Brett Hoebel’s flat belly smoothie.
  • I had abdominal surgery, what is the number one exercise to do to get a flat belly post surgery?
  • How can you work your lower abs without engaging your hip flexors?
  • Are High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) workouts the best way to lose fat, and If so what is Brett Hoebels favorite?
  • Burpees and squat thrusts hurt my back, what is an alternative for it?
  • My arms get toned but my legs never do, what can I do?
  • What can I do to keep my nutrition in check while traveling?
  • What is Brett Hoebels favorite workout shake?
  • What is Brett Hoebels favorite workout bar?
  • I’m doing Rev-Abs and my shoulder is hurting me, what should I do?
  • I work long and late hours at a hospital, what should I do for exercise?
  • Is there any food that I should avoid to get rid of the love handle area?
  • What is a great abdominal and lower back stretch?
  • Wrist issues during plank, Brett Hoebel offers his suggestion
  • What are the best core training exercises to do with a bulging or herniated disc?
  • What is a good capoeira sequence I can do at home or somewhere with limited space?

Rev it high, Rev it low…I’m strong, committed and ready to go!

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