Beachbody Package In the Mail Today + Video Blog

Well I went to check the mail today, and found two packages from Beachbody in my mailbox. This was totally unexpected and I really wasn’t sure what they were sending me! I brought the package quickly into the house, sliced the box open, grabbed my phone and took the video below documenting what I found!

Awesome! I totally forgot to tell you guys about how I won a free copy of Insanity!  During the coaches summit 2011 Beachbody was having a contest on twitter. The contest was whoever was the first person to tweet them a picture of the new Shakeology flavor would win a free prize. Well I was the winner and they told me I had a choice between Slim in 6, P90X, and Insanity, so I picked Insanity since I already have P90X!  Even though I won this I still had no idea when it was going to come and I figured it would take a while since it was a free prize. It didn’t take long at all, about one week, they even paid $9.63 to mail it to me, how awesome.

The other box was my second shipment of Shakeology, this I should have been expecting but it totally slipped my mind. I still have a week or so worth of Shakeology so I wasn’t even thinking of another shipment arriving soon. I’m on the Home Direct Auto Ship Program so that means I get free shipping and every month they automatically send it to my house. Since it was the second month I got it, they included a free shaker cup that I can use to take on the road with me and also a really neat book explaining the journey of all the ingredients in Shakeology. Also they sent me another months worth of recipes for both greenberry and chocolate Shakeology. I had originally thought it was the same calender of recipes that they sent in the last shipment but its not, there were 30 new recipes with this shipment. I am so happy with Beachbody and how great of a company they are, it is just amazing and I am so glad I began dealing with them.

OK guys well that’s all I have to say today, keep checking back because I plan on posting some day 30/60 videos as well as making some more video blogs. Tomorrow I am going to post a video of Tine’s first reaction to tasting Shakeology. I wanted to see her honest reaction to tasting it for the first time and got it on video to share with you all to see her reaction!


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