Christines P90X Round 1 Results

Christines P90X Round 1 Results

These are my “before and after” results after 1 round of P90X.

I followed the “Classic” schedule, used the Fat Shredder Meal Plan, and the only supplements I took were Shakeology and whey protein powder.

Day 0: May 14th, 2011
Day 91: August 13th, 2011

Here are my day 0, day 28, day 56, and day 90 pictures and results!

P90X Round 1 Measurements
Height: 5’10Day 0Day 30Day 60Day 90
Body Fat24.8%23.7%24%22.2%
Right Thigh21.8″21″21″21″
Left Thigh21.5″20.9″21″20.75″
Right Bicep
Left Bicep

Overall I lost 5.2 pounds, 2.6% body fat, 1.5 inches off my chest, 2.75 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, .8 inches off my right thigh, .75 inches off my left thigh. Originally my right bicep lost .5 inches but then by the end I gained .5 inches of muscle to it. In my left bicep I originally lost .7 inches but then gained muscle back.

I also went from size 8 jeans to a size 2!!!!!!!

My goal with this program was not to lose weight, but was to tone up and get stronger. I accomplished my goal and am very happy with my results 🙂

Day 0 Christine Russell P90X ResultsClick here for my day 0 measurements and stats

Day 28 Christines P90X Round 1 ResultsClick here for my day 28 measurements and stats

Day 56 Christines P90X Round 1 ResultsClick here for my day 56 measurements and stats

Day 90 of Christines P90X Round 1 ResultsClick here for my day 90 measurements and stats

This is just the beginning of my fitness transformation! I’m so excited about my results that I have decided to start helping others with their health and fitness for free. If you would like me to coach and help you step-by-step through the P90X program or any other fitness programs then please get in contact with me 🙂


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