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Hey everyone! I’m Christine. I am 26 years old and am an Operations Manager at a retail store called Sports Authority. Today, I am going to tell the story about why I decided to start working out with P90X and doing the nutrition plan along with it. I am excited to share and I hope a lot of different people read my story and enjoy it. I also hope that if you been wanting to hop onto the P90X train you finally decide to. It’s AMAZING!

So, growing up, basically my WHOLE life I have been labeled as the tall “hot” skinny girl. Not so much as looks hot, but because I am the “perfect” skinny supposedly. I was pretty much really awkward because I was always the “tall girl”. I mean really tall compared to everyone else, especially in elementary school. Kids used to make fun of me for my height. That and I also starting developing at a really young age, which was annoying since I was already the “Jolly Green Giant.” Eventually, I just ignored most of the kids that made fun of me and I played basketball and cheered. I did have a lot of friends, but they were elementary school friends and middle school friends that were always fighting over something stupid.

Anyways, lovely lovely high school came along… It was not so bad. I enjoyed it a lot. I had boyfriends (even though they are total losers) and I had a lot of friends. I was also a big part of the cheer squad. I cheered ever since I was really little. I enjoyed it a lot. Cheering really kept me in shape. I cheered for football, basketball, soccer, and we had a competition squad too. So, cheering for me was basically my life.  I was fit from throwing people in the air all the time and dancing. I even had the little lines in my belly 🙂 Fortunately and unfortunately, graduation came along and cheering stopped completely for me.

Once I graduated, I took a semester off from school and worked at a grocery store. I was basically a full time employee so my life was spent there. I ate whatever I wanted and drank whatever I wanted. I never really thought, “HELLO!! You’re not cheering anymore! Eating whatever you want is probably not a good idea!” No one in my life blamed me for eating bad foods because I was so skinny so no one ever thought about it. I eventually started seeing the weight gain in my belly and upper legs. Everyone told me I was crazy for even thinking that. I weighed about 125 pounds while cheering in high school and by the first day of college classes I was over 150 pounds. All I thought was “YIKKESS” I don’t think I was ever that weight in my life time.

So, once I got settled into college I would go to the gym sometimes and run and do some weights and I did not eat as much food, but it still really wasn’t that healthy. For some reason I lost some weight and I was down to about 135 to 140 pounds. Basically ever since then my weight has just been up and down. I don’t think I have ever been over 150 again, but I am not comfortable.

I met my boyfriend Chris in college my first semester there. For some reason I felt like I needed to look better or something. I lost some weight and starting wearing cute clothes. Now we live together and let me tell you for a while we did not do the food thing well. We both used to eat really bad just whatever and whenever. It would be going onto 10 o’clock at night and we would be ordering pizza or wings or something. So after seeing a commercial for P90X, it was Chris’  and I decision to get P90X and try it.

Basically, my main reason that I want to be on the P90X train is so I can tone my body and eat healthy. I always used to have this thing in my head to eat better and eat more fruits, but I never stuck with it because I was doing it on my own and once there is fried food in front of me that is all I want to eat. I would just give in right away. A nice thing this time around is Chris is there doing it with me so I keep eating the foods from the nutrition plan and working out every day! I know one thing is I was really proud of myself and Chris when our first 90 days in P90X were completed. After my first round of P90X I did a round of Insanity and a second round of P90X. Currently I am doing my first round of RevAbs.

I’m just going to keep pressing play and keep bringing it so every summer I could put on my favorite bikini and smile and be confident with myself 🙂

My P90X day 0 measurements and stats

My P90X day 28 measurements and stats

My P90X day 56 measurements and stats

My P90X day 90 measurements and stats

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