32 pounds lighter feels great

Nicole's weightloss story on how 32 pounds lighter feels great

32 pounds lighter feels great!

Meet Nicole. Growing up she was always very athletic and never had to worry about her body. Once she hit her 20’s she noticed things begin to change and the weight start to stack up. This yo-yo dieter would try to work out and eat healthy, but could never commit to anything. Then she saw an infomercial for the workout program P90X and things started to change for her. Read her story below.

Nicole's weightloss story on how 32 pounds lighter feels great

“Today I walk with more confidence and finally feel healthy on the inside” – Nicole

Name: Nicole M.
Age: 25
Height: 5’10″
Before Weight: 164 Pounds
After Weight: 132 Pounds
Programs used: P90X and Les Mills Combat
Supplements used: P90X Results and Recovery Drink, Shakeology

Her Story:  

Nicole was so excited to start and within the first 30 days lost 17 pounds. Unfortunately negativity set in and she ended up quitting P90X. It wasn’t for another year before she attempted to pick up the program and give it another shot. This time around she got a free coach and accountability group to help her get through her program, and she succeeded. With P90X, she lost 25 pounds, 19.5 inches overall, increased her flexibility and improved her posture.

After P90X she decided to start Les Mills Combat because she loved the kick boxing aspect of it. Doing Les Mills Combat allowed her to continue to burn the fat, tone her body and and shaping her legs and butt.

In a time span of 8 months, Nicole went from 164 pounds to 134 pounds, lost 4 inches in her waist, 3 inches in her chest, and 1.5 inches in her arms and legs. Nicole states, ” I used to feel sick daily due to my eating habits, but now that I’ve completely changed my eating and am working out, I FEEL WONDERFUL! “

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